M.I.R - Most Interesting Stories 2: OCT 2

Welcome to M.I.R - Most Interesting Stories Oct 22.

Every week, I curate research stories from Canada and around the globe, and share them with you.

Watch out for some quirky curios in the beginning, middle and end - a poem, a book passage, and a how-to guide.

On today's show:

A poem - Geneology by Camille Rankine

Women and STEM: Economics scholar hopes to turn economic theory into real opportunity

Educators must commit now to tackle grade inflation

Exercise during pregnancy improves health, reduces complications

Youth violence lower in countries with complete ban on corporal punishment

Is It Ethical for Nutrition Scientists to Accept Industry Money?

The whole day matters for cognitive development in children

A dying breed? Marijuana detection dogs could be out of a job after legalization

How to Respond When Someone Comes Out to You

Along the way, I, your sonic sommelier for the next one hour and thirty minutes, will serve you songs to go with our platter of stories.

On the menu today, a bit of love from Colombia, amazing sounds from New Brunswick, oldskool jungle from Toronto, and Faith No More - this amongst a pot-pourri of rhythm and sound.

Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue - Kids

Thrawsunblat - Green Man of East Canada

The Knife - Heartbeats

Pinch and Yolanda - Get Up (Jack Sparrow mix)

Raul Midon - Sunshine

Kid Lib and Dub & Wheel - Remedy

Matt Mays - Never Say Never

Anomalie - Canal

Thrawsunblat - In Mist We Walk

Overseer - Supermoves

Faith No More - Just A Man

Thank you for listening!